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Applications of Gellan Gum

Author£ºADMIN Source£ºCAIXIN SUGAR Date£º2014-04-15 14:52:25

Gellan gum provides gelation, suspension or stabilisation to food products. It is very economic in use as it is effective at low concentrations. Gellan gum can be used alone or in combination with other hydrocolloids to produce the required texture in the final product.

Water jellies

Gellan gum can be used to make ready to eat water jellies with a range of textures. Heat stable water jellies can be made with low acyl Gellan gum which has texture suitable for the Asian market. The product can be used to replace konjac/carrageenan blends. For the European and North American markets a softer texture is required and the use of a combination of Gellan gum, xanthan gum and locust bean gum is the preferred gelling agent.

Fruit beverages

Low acyl Gellan gum provides good pulp suspension in fruit beverages at low concentrations. The product can suspend the pulp even in a low viscosity product.
Confectionery jellies 
Confectionery jellies can be made with a wide variety of gelling agents such as starch, gelatine and pectin. \in the case of pectin and gelatine jellies Gellan gum is added to the product to provide increased temperature stability even in hot weather. When the products are supplied in large containers they get hot and can melt of pectin and gelatine are used alone.

Dairy products 
High acyl Gellan gum can be used in a wide variety of dairy products. In combination with CMC it can stabilise the protein in acidic protein beverages. In neutral dairy products high acyl Gellan gun is sued to suspend products such as calcium, cocoa, chocolate and other minerals.