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High acyl gellan gum for acidic milk
High acyl gellan gum for plant prote
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High acyl gellan gum for plant protein drinks application



   Gellan gum HAusedin walnut milkwith following application formula (only for reference):


  gellan gum HA0.03-0.05%,sodium citrate 0.05%,hexametaphosphate 0.02%,walnut powder 4%,

  white sugar 4%, emulsifier,parfum

  Add water to 100%

  Recommended steps:

  Added walnut powder into the deionized water, heating 60≧and keeping 30min; Dry mixed gellan gum, salt and sugar while stirring to add into above mixture; Heated to above 85≧, keeping 15min until gellan gum dissolved fully; Volumedand adjustedthe PH to about 6.8 with sodium bicarbonate, homogeneous at about 50≧, 15-35MPa; UHT sterilization 140≧ 3s,coolfilling.


   Gellan gum HA used in plant protein drinkswith following using method:

  gellan gum HAcan be easily dispersed in milk and other beveragesystems using common mixing devices. Typical applications are as follows:

  Mixed gellan gumHAwith other materials and dispersed in cold wateror other beverage solids; Heated to above 85ºuntil gellan gum fully dissolved, then added other ingredients; Adjusted PH, homogeneous, UHT or HTST sterilization.

Packing Details

  High acyl gellan gum can be also used in plant protein drinks, neutral milk drinks, grains drinks and other not required transparency products as a thickener, stabilizer and suspending agent. Regular recommended dosage is 0.02-0.05%. It can be also used singly to form soft and elastic gel or mixed with other colloids to form products of different textures. This type gellan gum is very suitable for beverage system with UHT and HTST sterilization.

  Vegetable protein drinks is the fastest growing soft drinks industry in domestic recently. The main raw materials are pant nuts, pulps with high protein and vitamin content. Gellan gum HA used in plant protein drinks not only taste good, can be also used compatibility with other hydrophilic colloids, such as carrageenan, guar gum, locust bean gum, etc as a thickener and stabilizer. It is usually used in walnut milk, peanut milk, cocoa milk, corn juice, mung bean juice, etc.

  Gellan gum HA used in plant protein drinkswith following features:

  Good stability; Low protein reaction; Strong suspension ability; Good thickening ability; Excellent thermalstability; Low viscosity and better tasteand flavor releasing; Good compatibility withother hydrophilic colloids.