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Low Acyl Gellan Gum
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Low acyl gellan gum for culture medium application



   Low acyl gellan gum can be also used in microbiological cuture medium and tissue culture medium plants. It can form a solid, well-permeated medium convenient for a clear view of biological growth. The dosage could be as low as 0.2-0.8%.

  Traditional solid culture medium widely used agar as a gelling agent, however agar may contain growth inhibitory substances. Now gellan gum can be used as an alternative to agar for microbiological media, bacterial media and plant tissue cluture media. With below advantages:

  The high transparency of gellan gum LA and the water-like clarity of the gel can make culture medium seemed very clear. Moreover, gellan gum used at 1/4 or 1/3 the agar use level,higher stability than agar. Gellan gum is a Extracellular Polysaccharide, PH range is about 3.4 to 7.5. It’s not easy to be hydrolyzed by biological metabolite.The dosage could be as low as 0.2-0.8%.

  PCA culture medium: gellan gum LP0.5%; glucose0.1%; peptone0.5%; yeast extract 0.25%; calcium chloride 0.06%.

  Gellan gum LA used for tissue culture mediumwith following features:
Strong gel ability;; High transparency; Good stability; Excellent solubility; Gel with low viscosity; Good compatibility with other ingredients.


    Gellan gum LAwith following using method:

  Gellan gum can be easily dispersed in water-based systems using common mixing devices. Typical applications are as follows:

  Mixed gellan gum with other solid powder of culture medium, dispersed intodeionized water; Heated to above 85ºuntil fully dissolved; Adjusted PH value and added Kations(CaCl2); Sterilizated before cooling; cooled to moulding.

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  Gellan gum LAwith following application method(only for reference):

  Mixed gellan gumand glucose, added into deionized water;then added peptone and yeast extract; Boiling until gellan gum dissolved fullywhile stirring,added CaCl2 and adjust PH to 7.0 +0.2; Sterilizated(above 60≧) while hot 121≧15minor 115≧20min, cooled to moulding; Firstly dissolved gellan gum, then mixed with culture medium, the effect will be better.