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Low acyl gellan gum for transparent drinks application



 Gellan gum LA used in suspending beverage with following application formula (only for reference):
gellan gum LA 0.02%úČsodium citrate 0.02%,Sodium polyphosphate 0.015%, calcium carbonate 0.04%, white sugar 4%, citric acid 0.2%, fruit pulps, parfum, sweetener
Add water to 100%

Recommended steps:
1.Dry Mixed gellan gum, salt and sugar equably;
2.Added mixture to the deionized water while stirring, boiling until gellan gum dissolved fully or heat above 85íŠand keep 15min;
3.Added citric acid, parfum, sweetener, etc, and adjusted the PH to about 4.1;
4.Added processed fruit pulps, filling, pasteurization and cooling.



Low acyl gellan gum can be used in acidic or neutral transparent beverages. It can be used for suspending fruit pulps and insoluble solid particles, stabilizing the effect of the beverage. It can be also used singly to form solid and brittle gel or mixed with other colloids to form different textures. The dosage could be as low as 0.012-0.03%.
Stabilizing the effect of the beverage system

Gellan gum LA can be used compatibility with other ingredients to produce invisible drinks, soft drinks, fruity drinks and other products. It can be also used for pearl idiosome, fruit suspending beverage. The beverage with main ingredient of gellan gum as suspending agent not only has excellent suspension effect, also has strong acid resistance and shows good stability during storage, which is advantage not available from other plant colloids used as suspending agents.

Gellan gum LA used in transparent drinks with following features:
1.Strong suspension ability;
2.High transparency;
3.Good acid stability;
4.Excellent thermal stability;
5.Low viscosity and better taste and flavor releasing;
6.Good compatibility with other hydrophilic colloids.

Packing Detailsú║

Gellan gum LA used in transparent drinks with following using method:

Gellan gum can be easily dispersed in water-based systems using common mixing devices. Typical applications are as follows:

1.Mixed gellan gum with other materials and dispersed in cold water (adding chelating agent can help to dissolve the colloid);

2.Heated to above 85º until fully dissolved;

3.Added Kations(Ca, Mg, Cl, and so on);

4.Cooling the mixture to form gel and stable suspending systerm.